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Driftwood's 2017-18 Teaching Staff

Driftwood's 2017-18 Science Educators
Carrie Deese grew up in Bowdon, Georgia and attended Shorter University in Rome, GA where she majored in Communications with a minor in Photography. She has worked at the Boys and Girls Club and an environmental education center in South Carolina. In her free time she enjoys baking treats for her friends, taking photos, and cross stitching.
Emily Wagner grew up in Solon, Ohio and studied Biology with an emphasis on Ecology and Evolution at the University of Maryland. Since graduating, she has worked at aquariums and various wildlife centers across the country. For the last three years she has spent her summers in Alaska leading wildlife tours by boat. In her free time, she enjoys photography, whale research, and reading.
Erin Furr grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and attended University of West Florida where she studied Marine Biology. She has done research on shore birds and estuary environments around Florida and corals reefs and sea turtles in Mexico. In her free time she enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons, showing off her love of the ocean, and talking to fish.
Grace Little grew up in Princeton, New Jersey and studied Environmental Science at American University in Washington, D.C. After graduating, she moved to Bald Head Island in North Carolina where she worked in sea turtle conservation and environmental education. She has also spent time in Australia where she was involved with mangrove restoration and protection. In her free time, she enjoys running, working on her Australian accent, and going to the beach.
Hailey Brown grew up in Logan, Utah and studied Wildlife Conservation and Environmental Science at Brigham Young University. She has spent time working at Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge in Texas, Wildlife Safari in Oregon, and Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum in Utah. In her free time she enjoys eating ice cream, taking naps, and searching for birds to add to her life list.
Katy Beth Culp grew up in Lancaster, South Carolina and attended Clemson University where she studied Biology. She has worked at the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island and various environmental education centers throughout South Carolina and Georgia. In her free time, she enjoys making puns, exploring the island on her bike, and doing cartwheels.
Kendall Lunn grew up in Bangor, Maine and attended Clark University in Worcester, MA where she majored in Environmental and Conservation Biology. After graduating, she moved to Nevada where she worked on various wildlife monitoring projects and as an environmental educator. In her free time she enjoys running, watching Jeopardy and music videos, and talking about her bunny Tobias.
Jake Marfise grew up in Tampa, Florida and attended Centre College in Danville, KY where he majored in Biology and Environmental Studies. While in college, he studied abroad in Peru, Costa Rica, Panama, Thailand, and Borneo. In his free time he enjoys hunting for fossils, fishing, eating crustaceans, and encountering wild critters.
Sean Mormino grew up in Mentor, Ohio and studied Botany at Miami University in Oxford, OH. He has spent time working at other environmental education centers from Ohio to Washington. In his free time he enjoys singing, watching musicals, and preparing for hibernation.
Stacey Valimont grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania and majored in Environmental Studies at St. Bonaventure University in New York. While at college, she studied abroad in Panama and Costa Rica, and has spent time volunteering in Kenya and Uganda. She has worked at the Pittsburgh Zoo and Camp Notre Dame. In her free time, she enjoys playing rugby, reading to birds, and applying ointment to her many bug bites.

Driftwood Education Center's Directors

Ann Marie Wilson is our Driftwood veteran, being that she started working here in 2000. She has been the Executive Director of Driftwood Education Center since 2003. Ann Marie is seen helping out all around Driftwood, whether it's setting up the Lorax set or helping students in the dining hall. She teaches off-site with Road Scholar programs a lot and is especially great at identifying birds during her birding programs. Ann Marie truly loves islands! Besides college, she has only ever lived on islands, and she continually travels to far-off and exciting islands for vacations.


Erin Mugge is the Education Director at Driftwood, where she helps care for the animals, teaches Driftwood students, and spends lots of quality time with the Driftwood science instructors. She joined the staff in 2011 after working at various environmental education and science centers in Georgia, Florida, and Iowa. Even though Erin grew up in land-locked Iowa, she loves living on the beach and teaching about marine organisms now. She did, though, enjoy growing up on the farm and enjoys meeting folks from the Midwest that know the simple fact that soda is actually called "pop."


Colleen Murphy is Driftwood's Program Director, so if you're an incoming school you will definitely be talking with her. Colleen grew up in Roswell, Georgia and studied natural and cultural resource management at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro. Before Driftwood, Colleen has worked at the Chattahoochee Nature Center and Okefenokee Swamp, both of which she enjoyed being outside with kids. Some her best memories of working with students is slippping and sliding in muddy caves of Tennessee.