Field Trips

For Teachers:  

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**All field trips require transportation by the school to the place of interest.**

Cumberland Island National Seashore Day Trip - $32 Extra Per Person: 
Visit this beautiful, undeveloped barrier island that is accessible only by a ferryboat.  The 5-mile hike wanders through maritime forest, mansion ruins from the Carnegie family, and along the beach.  Students will go seining in the ocean and study the beach environment as described in the Living Beach, Barrier Island Dynamics and Seining classes. We require 7 months notice by the teacher or no assurances can be given.  
Jekyll Island Day Trip - $10-$22 Extra Per Person: 
Come and explore Jekyll Island State park!  Jekyll is just a short drive away accessible by causeway.  We will spend the day hiking on the beach, strolling through the marsh and catching local animal life in our seine nets.  Students will also learn about erosion up and down the coast. We will also explore Driftwood beach or what the locals call Boneyard beach!  The same material is covered on Jekyll as it is on Cumberland Island.  Students will go seining and study the beach environment as described in the Living Beach, Barrier Island Dynamics and Seining classes. You may also choose to add in the Georgia Sea Turtle Center for a tour or take the Transit Trawl from Jekyll Island for an additional cost and depending on availability. We require 7 months notice by the teacher for the Sea Turtle Center or Transit Trawl or no assurances can be given.
Okefenokee Swamp - $20 Extra Per Person: 
Climb to the top of an observation tower and overlook hundreds of acres of this National Wildlife Refuge where alligators and endangered sandhill cranes are a common sight.  Students will learn about the hardships of swamp life at the Chesser homestead and study many rare and endangered plants and animals that live along the edges of a ¾ mile long boardwalk.  And, get up close and personal with some of the 13,000 alligators that make their home here on a boat ride through the Suwannee Canal. 
Okefenokee Swamp Canoe Trip – $30 Extra Per Person: 
Paddle down the Suwannee Canal enjoying beautiful scenery and a relaxed atmosphere.  Along the way, students will study the flora and fauna located in the tannic acid water ecosystem of Okefenokee Swamp.  No prior experience is necessary.