Cancellation Policy

Groups booking with Driftwood Education Center for the 2020-2021 year are required to submit a $250 Reservation Fee to hold your booking dates and an additional $250 Cumberland Island Trip Deposit (if a group has chosen this field trip).  These fees are due 1 month after booking with the Reservation Use Form and Curriculum Request Form.

A Driftwood group's invoice is finalized three weeks out from the trip's start date.  Any participant cancellations need to be made at this time in order to receive a full refund.  Any participant cancellation after the three week deadline will be charged 25% of the Driftwood Fee and 100% for all extra-cost items, including (but not limited to) field trips and extra-cost classes and/or activities.

Any Group that cancels more than two months prior to their visit forfeits their Reservation Fee.  Any Group that cancels two months or less to their visit will forfeit the Reservation Fee, 20% Deposit and pay the Cumberland Island Cancellation Fee.  The Group will be required to pay a new Reservation Fee to book again for another date, as well as a new 20% Deposit two months out from the new trip dates if the cancellation was two or less months from the original trip date.
Please call (912)638-3849 with any questions.