Please Print all of this information for your records. If you have any questions, please call us at 912-638-3849
Our college-educated instructors will be teaching classes and assisting through meals and evening activities, but we need your help! It is important for chaperones to supervise students the entire time they are at our center. Dorms must be supervised by an adult throughout the night. Supervision is especially important in between classes, during meals, and rest periods. Please read the following information to fully understand your role as a chaperone and your responsibilities in the Driftwood community.
Classes and evening activities:
We ask that you attend all classes and evening programs with your assigned field group, as we need at least one adult with each field group at all times. Please help with discipline. Our class time is limited and our instructors have a lot to share with the students. We encourage the chaperones to participate in the activities.
Dining Hall:
Most of the time, the dining hall will be shared with guests from Epworth by the Sea. We ask that at least one adult be present at every table during the meals. Serving and clean-up procedures will be outlined at the first meal, however, there will be Driftwood instructors at every meal to assist you. Proper manners should be emphasized. Upon leaving the dining hall, students should be accompanied by an adult.
Your largest responsibility is dorm supervision. Your room will be located in the central area of the cabin and the room(s) with the student's bunks will be located around it. Our cabins can house up to 22 people. The teacher in charge of the trip will assign dorm groups prior to arrival.
Encourage your students to participate in conservation of resources, for example:
1. Shut all windows before turning on heat or air conditioning.
2. Turn off lights and heat or air conditioning before leaving for the day’s classes.
3. Turn off showers and faucets when not in use, and let us know of any water leaks.
4. Please do not let students regulate thermostats.
The head teacher will need to be in charge of dispensing all medications, prescription or otherwise. This includes Tylenol, cough drops, and other over the counter medicines. Please do not give any medication to a child! In the event of an emergency at night, contact the head teacher and Driftwood director. They should be informed of all injuries or illnesses immediately.
1. For the sake of privacy, students should not go into any dorm but their own.
2. No food, gum, or candy in the dorms. This will attract animals and contribute to the litter problem. No radios, electronic games, or other similar devices should be used.  No cell phone use during class times please.
3. Please do not wash clothes or shells in the sinks or showers. Sand and mud will clog the drains. There are spigots located on the side of some cabins for your use.
4. Phones are off limits to students without permission from the head teacher and Driftwood reserves the right to send a student home for extreme discipline problems (fighting, vandalism, violence, etc.) or for illness.
5. Driftwood Education Center is located on the property of a Methodist Conference Center; therefore no alcohol is permitted.
6. Smoking by adults is allowed outside and away from the group, with the condition that cigarette butts are disposed of properly.
7. Vending machines should only be used at the end of the day after classes, and an adult must always accompany children.