Please print this information for your records. Any questions, please call (912) 638-3849 or email driftwoodee@hotmail.com / driftwoodee@gmail.com

Driftwood Education Center's Cancellation Policy:

Groups booking with Driftwood Education Center for the 2020-2021 year are required to submit a $250 Reservation Fee to hold your booking dates and an additional $250 Cumberland Island Trip Deposit (if a group has chosen this field trip).  These fees are due 1 month after booking with the Reservation Use Form and Curriculum Request Form.

A Driftwood group's invoice is finalized three weeks out from the trip's start date.  Any participant cancellations need to be made at this time in order to receive a full refund.  Any participant cancellation after the three week deadline will be charged 25% of the Driftwood Fee and 100% for all extra-cost items, including (but not limited to) field trips and extra-cost classes and/or activities.

Any Group that cancels more than two months prior to their visit forfeits their Reservation Fee.  Any Group that cancels two months or less to their visit will forfeit the Reservation Fee, 20% Deposit and pay the Cumberland Island Cancellation Fee.  The Group will be required to pay a new Reservation Fee to book again for another date, as well as a new 20% Deposit two months out from the new trip dates if the cancellation was two or less months from the original trip date.
Please call (912)638-3849 with any questions.



The following information has been organized to help answer any questions you have about preparing for your trip, your role while you are here, and other details of our program.  If you find anything unclear after reading through the page, please contact us.  We want your trip to go smoothly and be the best possible experience for you and your students.


Teachers are required to be present at all times throughout the trip. Adult supervision is necessary, either by teachers or parent chaperones, during all classes, meals, free time, and at night in the cabins. During the classes, teachers and chaperones are encouraged to participate in the activities, rather than stand back and watch.

A few important policies of Driftwood that need to be communicated to all teachers and chaperones participating on the field trip are as follows:

1. Driftwood Education Center reserves the right to send a student home for extreme discipline problems (fighting, vandalism, violence, etc.) or for illness.

2. No alcohol is permitted.

3. Smoking is allowed outside and away from students, with the proper disposal of cigarette butts.

4. The swimming pool on property is off limits.

5. Vending machines should only be used after 9 p.m. with the head teacher's permission.

6. An adult must always accompany children.

Epworth also has a gift shop in the lobby. The number of students allowed in the gift shop at any given time is five.

Driftwood Education Center staff cannot dispense any medications, prescription or otherwise.  This includes Tylenol, cough drops, and other over the counter medicines.  Please make necessary arrangements to deal with medications on your own.  In the event of an emergency, contact the Driftwood Education Center Director. They should be informed of all injuries or illnesses immediately: (912) 638-3849.

If you decide to bring extra snacks or bottled water, please store the food in the Brown Center and not in your cabins.  There are water fountains all over property but you are welcome to bring extra water especially for day trips.  Driftwood does not provide s‘mores at camp fire but you are welcome to bring those supplies, so please inform the staff during orientation.

2020-2021 Checklist for Driftwood Trip  

Download Checklist (2019-20)           Download Checklist (2020-21)

1.  Immediately after reserving our trip:

       Send in:   _____Reservation for Facility Use form immediately after booking

       Send in:   _____Reservation Fee of $250 within 2 months of booking

       Send in:   _____Curriculum request form within 2 months of booking (*let us know as early as possible for field                                   trip reservations)

_____Inform us if you would like a day trip to Cumberland Island, Okefenokee Swamp, or Jekyll Island (and which option) with approximate student and adult numbers (no assurance is given).

Send in:   _____$250 non-refundable Cumberland Island Deposit within 2 months of booking if this is your trip of choice

2. Seven Months prior to trip:

       Send in:   _____Most accurate student / adult numbers for booking Field Trips (Cumberland Island, Sea Turtle, etc.)

3.  Two months prior to trip:

Send in:    _____Additional 20% non-refundable deposit (separate from Reservation Fee and Cumberland Island Deposit, if applicable)

4.  Three weeks in advance:

           _____Call in or email final participant numbers (After this point, the invoice is finalized, and a 25% per person Driftwood Fee will be kept for every person that does not show. All extra cost items will also be charged, in the full amount, for the absent participants.)

**We must know as soon as possible of any changes in group size for Cumberland Island field trip reservations.  We will do our best to accommodate changes, but we cannot make guarantees. **

_____Upload all student and adult Health and Liability Forms to the Google Drive Link provided to you via e-mail from the Program Director

_____Add any participant food allergies/dietary restrictions to the Google Document located in the Google Drive Link provided to you via e-mail from the Program Director

5. Upon Arrival at Driftwood:

                      _____Bring final payment

Contact Information:

Holley Maassen - Program Director


driftwoodee@hotmail.com / driftwoodee@gmail.com


Completed, signed Health and Liability forms are required for both students and attending adults wanting to visit Driftwood.  Please distribute the attached Health and Liability Forms (fillable Word Documents and PDf documents available) and check to see that they are signed so students may participate.  These forms will be submitted to the Program Director via a Google Drive Folder created by Driftwood.  We also require a completed Reservation for Facility Use Form with accurate participant numbers to book field trips, inform our kitchen of meal counts, and reserve cabin space.  The Curriculum Request sheet is required so we can design your schedule as accurately as possible.  The Program Goals Form tells us about your group's specific goals for the trip, goals our instructors can help accomplish by catering our program during your group's visit.

Student Health and Liability Form: Fillable Form           Printable Form

Adult Health and Liability Form: Fillable Form          Printable Form

DAY TRIP Student Health and Liability Form: Fillable Form          Printable Form 

DAY TRIP Adult Health and Liability Form: Printable Form           


Reservations for Facility Use Form (2019-20):  Download Form

Reservations for Facility Use Form (2020-21):  Download Form

Curriculum Request Form (2019-20): Download Form

Curriculum Request Form (2020-21): Download Form

Program Goals Form: Download Form

Cabin Layout and Information: Standard Cabin Layout         Renovated Cabin Layout



We have Pre and Post Activities to download to enhance our curriculum. Please look at the programs you are taking and then you can download the corresponding activity for your students. This is a voluntary choice.

Please call or email to receive the Answer Key. Because of some tech savy students, we no longer have them on the website.


To help your chaperones know what to expect and what is expected of them, we have a packet designed specifically for them. We strongly recommend you have a chaperone meeting to ensure all chaperones understand their vital role.

Parent and Chaperone Info


A number of steps can be taken to prepare your students ahead of time for their visit. You might want to discuss social issues like table manners, dorm rules, and proper behavior, as these things will make their learning experience more profitable. Building a background of vocabulary pertaining to marine biology may be helpful to your students.

Driftwood Packing List


Make sure to send home the parent information early. Signed medical forms and permission slips need to be returned to you well in advance. Please send us the medical forms, and check to see that they are signed so students may participate. We also need you to send us the Reservation for Facility Use with accurate participant numbers to inform our kitchen and reserve cabin space, and send the Curriculum Request sheet and Program Goals sheet so we can design your schedule. If you choose field trips, make these reservations well in advance. Cumberland Island trips will require seven months notice or no assurances can be given. We also recommend you have a chaperone meeting to explain their role and answer their questions before they arrive.

Check out our Teacher's Packet for more in-depth and broader information:

Teachers Packet (2019-20)

Teachers Packet (2020-21)             Teachers Packet (2020-21) DAY TRIP

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